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Query Manager ™

Powerful, easy SAP HCM reporting

What are you up against?

The sheer volume of information stored in SAP! Your problem is how to get it out. How do you gain instant access to up-to-date, accurate data? You can't run your operation on old information or facts that are not relevant. Standard reports are inflexible and incomplete; custom reports are costly and time-consuming, and other reports are not HR-specific. And then there are unpredictable costs and delays, all of which affect the way you do your job.

Announcing a new era in HCM reporting

Query Manager is a complete and extremely powerful HCM reporting solution. It gives you control and immediate access to up-to-date information. Importantly, it is a mature solution dedicated to HCM and comes with a wealth of built-in domain knowledge. Query Manager helps you create powerful reports effortlessly. We supply you with over a 100 free, ready-to-run sample Queries, which you can also use as templates. They're grouped logically for easy selection and changing or adding to them is simply a matter of drag and drop. And you can update or add your own reports on the spot at no extra cost. (Our customers say that, on average, building reports is 80% quicker with QM.)

Friendly user-interfaceGreat performance100+ delivered reportsFlexible output formats

Radically transform the way you see reporting

QM makes it easy to react speedily to shifting HCM needs because accurate up-to-the-minute information is a click away. You can respond quickly and create and run reports within minutes. This means clear and measureable cost savings. You can control your reporting as your business grows by creating specific user groups.

Report on any of these HCM areas in any combination:

  • PA master data (including custom infotypes)
  • Payroll results (all countries)
  • Time results
  • FI postings
  • Personnel Planning
  • Talent Management data
  • Recruitment and e-Recruiting

Query Manager Benefits in a nutshell

  • Costs are predictable. Reduce ABAP reporting by up to 90%.
  • No more delays – responding to change is instant, reports are built quickly.
  • QM online Forum is an excellent discussion and knowledge-sharing platform.
  • Reduced or no dependence on ABAP and technical resources.
  • Hundreds of calculated fields to choose from.
  • QM reads it all – payroll and everything else – it's the complete solution.
  • Reports work on all supported SAP releases and patch levels.
  • Easily export to Excel or Adobe PDF, or send via email.
  • Improve data integrity and security. No more VLOOKUP or Excel manipulation.


Can I only report on basic Employee data?

No, with QM you can report on much more, including Payroll results, time results, the org structures hierarchy, qualifications and proficiencies, etc.

What training and extra services are available for QM?

Query Manager is very easy to use and you can get started without training, as we deliver QM with more than 100 free Queries. However, we recommend a 2-day, hands-on training course, which shows you how to customize and create the reports you need. In addition, we offer the QM Extended Services Package, which provides extra training and report building services to ensure you get maximum value out of your Query Manager purchase.

Does the product allow users to insert calculated data, e.g. Salary plus 10% increase and show this as a separate field on a report?

Yes - calculations can be added via formula (e.g. Column 2 plus 10%, Column 3 plus Column 4, string Column 3 and 4 together, etc.) and it is also possible to add your own statements in through an editor - so you can add in anything you want here (IF / CASE statements, call functions, declare variables, etc.).

What does the community portal offer and how do I get access to it?

The QM community is an online collaboration forum that allows QM customers to interact, share ideas, ask questions and see what events are planned for QM. The site contains tips & tricks, videos, a knowledge base, and much more. To sign up, just click here.

In what format can I view my reports?

QM provides all the standard SAP formats, native Excel, PDF, various text file formats and portal output using ABAP Webdynpro.

What happens to my Queries when I upgrade?

The great thing concerning the SAP upgrades is that Query Manager automatically upgrade your Queries. Even so, from the Admin Workbench you can automatically generate all your Queries and Query Manager will alert you of any Queries that are not consistent. Past experience indicates that only a low rate of QM reports may need readjustment after the upgrade has been done, but in all these cases, solutions were quickly provided either by the customer arranging their own custom Queries or by our support team.

You may need to download a current version of Query Manager from the support site if you have gone through a major upgrade, but Query Manager will automatically work so just apply the transport and continue as normal.

Does the product allow for complex data selection criteria e.g. reporting across different time periods?

Yes, this is a very powerful feature of Query Manager. You can select some of the data as of today (e.g. salary, manager, cost centre at today) but include absence for the last quarter, half, year, etc. - you can also easily avoid split records causing duplicate records by being able to say you just want to return the FIRST or LAST record).

If I need help with this product – what options do I have?

EPI-USE Labs has a support team that is available 24 hours every workday to assist you. We also supply you with user guides that you can read for more information. Lastly, contact QM's active user community portal – see above.